Manomet Village Common, Inc.
Unique Community Center for unique community
Manomet Village Common, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization that is contracted through the Town of Plymouth to manage the property of the Simes House at no cost to the tax payer.  It's been almost a year since we had our opening and we've made strides in developing relationships within the community.

Your membership and support is necessary in helping to share our vision as we continue to build relationships and become a successful community center here in Manomet.

We now offer multiple levels of memberships to serve the various needs of our members.  Listed below are the annual membership offerings, pricing and benefits you receive for those levels.  Your support to renew your membership as well as sharing this information with family and friends is greatly appreciated!

Individual Membership - $20

4 rooms rented annually at a discounted rate

Household Membership - $40

9 room rentals annually at a discounted rate
Covers all people living in your household

Business/Non-Profit Membership - $85

Photos courtesy of Allyson Romano

12 room rentals annually at a discounted rate
For those that wish to support the vision, renting rooms periodically

Associate Membership - $200

102 room rentals annually at a discounted rate
For members who wish to provide programming at the Community Center on a regular basis

Ready to Join?