Manomet Village Common, Inc.
Unique Community Center for unique community
Manomet Village Common, Inc. (MVC) is a member-supported, 501(c)3 non-profit organization that manages the Manomet Community Center at the Joseph A. Simes House. The Simes House, a Victorian mansion constructed in 1863 and renovated in 2017 with an eye toward adapting its use to meet current community needs while retaining its historic value and updating its systems to modern expectations, is a Town of Plymouth-owned property located at 29 Manomet Point Road.
Manomet Village Common’s business objectives include:​​

  •  Providing effective, “profitable” management of the Joseph A. Simes House

  •  Establishing public amenities that support local government, organizations and residents

  •  Engaging Manomet residents in an effort to build a greater sense of community

  •  Invigorating the local economy by hosting business meetings and conferences, social functions and other activities that use local businesses to supply the needs for those events

Profitable management of the Joseph A. Simes House, which is defined as the ability of the facility to be self-sustaining, is essential to establishing it as a permanent public use asset for Plymouth residents. The public use aspect of the facility is the Manomet Community Center, the operation of which is supported by lease payments of tenants in the second-floor Business Facility and in the two third-floor residential anpartment units as well as by fees for use of the Community Center facilities.

The Manomet Community Center provides four separate rooms in the nearly 2,000 square foot first- floor venue that can be used for meetings, conferences, functions and other events. Rooms can be used separately or in combination to flexibly support events of various sizes. In addition, the facility is surrounded by over 1⁄2 acre of Village Common that can be used in combination with Community Center facilities to increase the flexibility of the venue by enabling indoor/outdoor events, or outdoor only events.